New composition

Unvariations in G minor, for any keyboard instrument

Live performances

Recital at St Bride’s Greyfriars Kirk), Dumfries, 19 December 2015:

Recital at Hexham Abbey, 8 October 2015.


Occasional Musick at St John’s, Houghton, Carlisle, 21 November 2015.


Home Recordings

The following home recordings are provided here for demonstration purposes only. The listener is kindly requested to bear in mind that they were produced using basic equipment (an entry-level condenser microphone and Reaper) under challenging conditions. Better-produced recordings will be posted here when opportunity permits.

This was made using an accompaniment played by Paul Barton.

This was sung to an accompaniment taken from Lyribox.

This time the accompaniment was made by Lance Bastian.

The accompaniment was synthesised using Portatief I by the Virtual Organ Company.


Maria Zart, my Obrechtian motet, as performed by Chichester Music Pressgang.

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